SA Hosted CRM

SA Hosted & Managed Solutions can provide an easy-to-implement and inexpensive hosted CRM solution customized to your or your customers’ needs.

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Cloud-based and Hosted Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM Hosting Services, we can help you avoid big upfront fees or hiring your own technical resources. We’ll even help train you and your staff.

We can do this cost effectively because we use SugarCRM—an open-source CRM system. That means that the software itself is free. All you pay for is the server space to hold it and the on-call resources to maintain your system.

Hosted CRM includes:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Standard Reports
  • 2 hours of SugarCRM user training
  • 2 hours of Support
  • Tier 1 Level Support


Easily track and manage customer information

Integration with other business systems

Accessible from any web-enabled device

Low cost and flexible compared to other CRMs

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