Interactive Text Response

Text messaging is ideal for pushing outbound messages like appointment reminders or order confirmations. However, many systems are limited today, and can not provide a two-way conversation or integrate with an existing business platform. That is where we can help!

Text-enabled Landlines with both Automated and Live Response Options

SA Hosted & Managed Solutions offers Interactive Text Response (ITR)— a SMS solution that call centers can use to automate consumer‐to‐business conversations. It can text-enable a new or existing business phone number, both local or toll free. Additionally, messages are collected into an online portal, where they can be easily viewed and downloaded.

It works for virtually any business need ranging from software registration to take-out orders, and everything in between. Benefits include:

  • Add value to existing clients programs
  • Maximize profit with a low resource impact and minimal cost of entry
  • Improve customer service without increasing costs
  • Ideal for delivering a unique communication channel for multi-tasking and text-savvy demographics

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Two-way SMS interactions

Automated text response

Live agent response

Online portal for message storage

Usage reporting


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