SA Hosted PBX

Reduce your telephony and hardware costs with SA Hosted & Managed Solution’s PBX.

SA Hosted PBX: A Hosted Private Branch Exchange System

Hosted PBX, the most widely used open source PBX worldwide, is a telecom technology that provides small and medium sized businesses with a telephone system, without the need to purchase telephone equipment.

This system operates using your VoIP service provider, and allows employees to work remotely from home, a hotel, or cell phone while still remaining connected to the same telephone system used at work. Users are able to transfer calls, put callers on hold, arrange conference calls, and have calls answered by an automated attendant.

  • Fast setup
  • Affordable pricing
  • Work stream-style team collaboration
  • Extensive integrations
  • Rich feature set

With a few clicks, you can add a phone number, users, phones, voicemail boxes, and more to your account. Contact us today to learn more about our Hosted PBX services.


Call forward from device

Display branding

One button voicemail


SMS to any location

Unlimited extensions

Blacklist options

Unlimited voicemail boxes

Custom destinations internal and external

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