About Us

From managed IT services to hosted contact center systems, SA Hosted and Managed Solutions knows how to leverage technology to help your company thrive.


About Hosted and Managed Solutions

Our managed IT and hosted service experts have years of experience developing custom solutions for call centers organizations across the globe. They help develop secure and powerful technology that can integrate and enhance existing systems and processes.

Our suite of services includes:

  • SA Billing: A cloud-based billing and receivables management solution perfect for businesses with multiple locations, are services-based or use a recurring revenue model
  • SA VCC: A full-service, omnichannel solution for Inbound, Outbound and Blended Contact Centers
  • SA Scripting: A simple-to-use, call center script editor and agent desktop solution
  • SA IVR: A cloud-based system designed to give customers the ideal automated voice response experience
  • SA VCQ: A web-enabled call routing and queue system that can provide automated callbacks and post-call surveys
  • SA Hosted CRM: Using open-sourced software, SugarCRM, we can implement an easy-to-implement and inexpensive CRM solution customized to your needs.

All services and products offered by SA Hosted and Managed Solutions are scalable, secure, and web-enabled.

SA Hosted and Managed Solutions provides a full suite of contact center options, giving you the ability to adapt and grow your company with modular and integrated technologies without a huge demand on your bottom line.

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