Combining telephony and business applications, SA Scripting offers a true omni-channel technology that can improve efficiently, reduce training times, and ultimately impact your return on investment.

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Unified Agent Desktop

Call center agents are constantly addressing multiple needs at once—from talking on the phone, to responding to emails and SMS messages, all while assessing the customer’s needs.

With SA Call Scripting, your company can now provide agents with all the relevant information and streamline interactions with a large number of systems.


Unified Agent Desktop

Real-time script changes

Script and campaign templates

Drag and drop reporting features

Monitor agent activity and statistics

IntegratEs with 3rd party apps, telephony, and dialer

Call Scripter Pricing

The pricing for Call Scripter licensing, hosting and support services follows. Feel free to contact us with any questions and to start services.

Agent Licensing

Price Bands Concurrent Agents Price / Month
A 0-49 $44.00
B 50-99 $29.00
C 100-249 $26.00
D 250-499 $22.00
E 500-749 $19.00
F 750-999 $17.00
G 1000+ $15.00



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